Monday, June 20, 2005

life is so sianz n boring lately.. it has nv been so boring b4.. mayb cux poly life starts le den is still nt used to it ba. was feelin so moody these few daes.. duno y.. thot i've decided to gif up.. y still on wander again.. haiz.. gifing up is so difficult. it's jus take foreva to do so.. type too many stuffs 2dae.. dun feel lik typin anymore.. can i write on it instead.. haha.. i tink i nd rest.. was online frm morning til nw.. haha.. oni rested when my wireless net dc.. haha.. wasnt many ppl online oso.. chatted wif few nia.. but 1 gotta go play comp.. so ended early.. de rest all chatted quite long.. so sianz sia.. nth to do at home.. oni can slack.. tml no sch.. muz take de time to study.. haiz.. dun tink i can make it for a&p n biochem le.. de modules of crs n IDEAS so lame de.. dun even feel like attending sia.. tinkin of pontenin a few classes.. tink i reali gotta hv more rest cuz frens sae my face looks pale everydae.. haha.. mayb im alreadi a ghost..? haha.. who knws..? ritezz..? haha.. nth exciting happen to me recently though.. feel lik a part of mi is missing.. cant focus on wad im doin.. y is tis so..? some1 plz tell me.. thot i've totally given up de feelings.. y? y? y? can some1 help me thru tis miserable feelins.. dun wana 2 hv tis feelin anymore.. tired of being in a r/s le.. being single is fun too.. dere's always so much to gif wen ure in a r/s.. it jus isnt de same s being single. read my blog in frenster n ure understand le.. feel so emotional tis few daes.. reali can type some stuffs den find myself crying le.. oso veri long time din cry myself to bed le.. hope aft cryin, will feel better.. isnt there some1 whom i can tok to..? y m i alwaes de 1 givin advice n consoling dem..? i nd help u knww.. i might look im strong but im actually veri fragile de.. haha.. duno wad im typin nw le.. haha.. oni knw tt my eye is nw half open n tryin v hard to complete tis entry.. aft which muz beat the bed le.. haha.. it's alwaes easy to advice some1.. but wen u bring tt advice to u.. it's lik of no use.. it's alwaes easier sae den done.. y is tis de case..? cant everythin jus go s we wish..? haiz.. reali tired aft waitin fer so long.. time to gif up.;. k.. since i've decided den dun hesitate anymore.. muz stand firm on my decision.. reali nd to slp le..